Wayward humpback whale, beloved to Montrealers, found dead

 CBC/Radio-Canada 1 hour ago

A humpback whale that had enchanted Montrealers and drawn crowds near the Old Port has died. 

The whale’s lifeless body was seen Tuesday morning, drifting down the St. Lawrence river near Varennes, about 30 kilometres upstream from the city.

Robert Michaud, the co-ordinator for the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Network, said a team will be on-site in the next few hours to assess what to do with the carcass. 

The whale was last seen swimming near Pointe-aux-Trembles, before disappearing for two days.

Experts had hoped the whale was swimming back to Tadoussac, further upstream in salt water.

According to Michaud, it was the first time a humpback whale made its way into Montreal waters. 

Humpback whales are one of the large marine mammal species, measuring up to 15 metres long.

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