Seattle smashes CHOP:

Police reclaim their precinct and at least 31 people are arrested after mayor FINALLY issues executive order and riot police vacate the zone which has seen two deadly shootings in three weeks and crime rise by 500% Seattle police on Wednesday reclaimed their precinct in the city's 'occupied' protest zone after the mayor finally issued … Continue reading Seattle smashes CHOP:

Маразм крепчал и танки наши быстры!

Sir Michael Palin backs calls to redesign Queen's 'racist' knighthood honour showing St Michael crushing the devil - because it 'looks like George Floyd's murder' as Jamaica's governor refuses to wear it and 16,000 sign petition Monty Python star received the honour in 2019 for services to travel and cultureThe insignia previously featured a white angel … Continue reading Маразм крепчал и танки наши быстры!

La poésie des soleils couchants.

Le soleil couchant. L’air parfumé me grise, ô toi douce campagne, Quand l’éclat du soleil se couche sur tes champs. Les cris se font plus sourds, seuls parfois quelques chants Résonnent au lointain, clair pays de cocagne. L’horizon va se teindre et déjà sur les branches Je vois poindre le feu de son lit rouge … Continue reading La poésie des soleils couchants.