In Canada, they now shoot people who refuse to don masks!

Police shoot dead man, 73, ‘after he refused to wear face mask in shop’

A 73-year-old man allegedly started ‘pounding’ on a shop worker after refusing to wear a free face mask at Valu-mart in Minden, Ontario, Haliburton, Canada, with police later shooting him at his home.

Как утверждается, 73-летний мужчина начал “колотить” продавца после того, как клиент отказался надеть бесплатную маску для лица в Valu-mart в Миндене, Онтарио, Халибертон, Канада.

Позже полиция застрелила его в его доме.

The man assaulted a shop worker at the Valu-mart store in Minden, Ontario, Haliburton, Canada, after they asked him to wear a free mask, it is claimed.

The store said he started ‘pounding’ on the worker after rejecting the face covering, with others employees rushing over to take him outside.

After finally leaving the store he apparently climbed into his vehicle and tried to run down some of the staff, before crashing into the side of the supermarket.

He also turned a truck sideways when he hit it as he attempted to drive off on Wednesday, according to the shop’s owner Linda Easton.

Police descended on the suspect’s home in Indian Point Road, near Drag Lake, after tracing his licence plates.

Ontario Special Investigations Unit said: “Outside the residence, there was an interaction with the man and two officers discharged their firearms.

“The man was struck. He was transported to hospital where he was pronounced deceased at 11:47am.”

Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Jason Folz said: “He refused to wear a mask at the store. He was refused service and the assault happened thereafter.

Police descended on the man’s home and killed him (Image:
The 73-year-old allegedly tried to run over staff and crashed into the side of the supermarket before driving off (Image:

“So our people became involved with that initial assault investigation and follow-up.”

He added that an officer chased the man’s car for a short period, took down his licence plate and traced it to his home address, CP24 reports.

“Officers attended there, where shots were fired. Additional OPP resources were brought in and ultimately a 73-year-old male was transported to hospital, where he died,” Sgt Folz said.

Police recovered a semi-automatic rifle and a pistol from the scene.

A semi-automatic rifle and a pistol were recovered from the scene (Image:

Neighbours have described the 73-year-old as ‘reclusive’ and a ‘strange, strange man’, according to a report.

Garfield Munshaw told CBC News : “He was a very reclusive man. He’s been here, I’d say, between eight to 10 years.

“You never see anybody there; he’s always by himself. Nobody ever goes there. He lives by himself and it was strange. He’s a strange, strange man.”

CBC said it would not reveal the man’s identity until police had informed his next of kin.

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