The original Wonderbra!


Amazing vintage images have revealed the lengths that post-World War Two women would go to in order to look like Marilyn Monroe, as they are seen donning inflatable bras to boost their assets.

Christian Dior exploded the gloom of wartime fashions in 1947 with the ‘New Look’ and by 1952, if you didn’t have natural curves like that year’s it girl Marilyn Monroe how could you get the silhouette necessary to perfectly fit your Dior-inspired fashions?

US lingerie pioneers La Resista Corset Co. of Bridgeport, Connecticut, had the answer: inflatable assets under the brand name Trés Secrete. The bra had plastic pads inside the cups that could be blown up using a small straw, allowing women to boost their cup size in seconds.

Straw: Incredible vintage photos show how a bra invented in the early 1950s came complete with hidden inflatable pads that were operated by blowing into a straw

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