Медаль нашла героя

The secret medals of Cold Warrior who smuggled a Russian MIG to America that had to be kept in secretly hinged picture frames to keep them from prying eyes Секретные медали "бойца Холодной войны", тайно переправившего в Америку российский МИГ, пришлось хранить в секретных фоторамках, чтобы скрыть их от посторонних глаз By Rachael Bunyan For … Continue reading Медаль нашла героя


Inside China’s brutal execution system with mobile injection vans & firing squads after killing most in the world Jamie Micklethwaite CHINA has been branded the world's worst executioner as the state kills thousands of people every year using firing squads, lethal injections and mobile death vans. The true numbers of those killed by the Communist … Continue reading DEATH STATE