Как живут чорные “коммунисты” в Америке.

Communist' BLM founder Patrisse Cullors defends her $3MILLION property portfolio - including private jet hangar in garden - and claims she's not been paid since 2019 and questions about it are a 'tactic of terror to silence her' Critics of a Black Lives Matter co-founder's recent multi-million dollar property spending spree have been described as … Continue reading Как живут чорные “коммунисты” в Америке.

Пипец полиции в Миннеаполисе

Minneapolis cops arrest at least 60 as they clash with protesters for a third night after the boarded-up home of cop Kimberly Potter who shot Daunte Wright dead was targeted The third night of Daunte Wright protests turned violent as demonstrators clashed with police in Minneapolis while Portland's police union building was set on fire during … Continue reading Пипец полиции в Миннеаполисе