Hitler’s sex secrets from claims he was a porn addict who liked to be kicked to incestuous affair with niece

TO his slavish followers, Adolf Hitler was a clean-living man who shunned sex in order to maintain a peak of physical fitness. But behind closed doors, the dictator was a sado-masochist who liked women to kick him and even urinating on him, according to a new documentary.

Hitler publicly shunned sex but enjoyed S&M behind doors, the documentary claims
Hitler publicly shunned sex but enjoyed S&M behind doors, the documentary claims

Hitler’s Secret Sex Life, which airs on Sunday on Discovery, investigates outlandish claims the evil Fuhrer – who was responsible for the death of six million Jews in the Holocaust – was a voyeur who was addicted to porn. His personal doctor is said to have pumped him full of amphetamines and bull semen, to boost his libido. The documentary also looks at the incestuous relationship with his niece, Geli Raubal, who died in mysterious circumstances after revealing his bedroom secrets and actress Renata Mueller, who fell to her death after indulging in sado-masochistic acts with Hitler.

Australian historian and Forensic Psychiatrist, Professor Robert Kaplan, reveals that the stories of his humiliation in the bedroom fit with Hitler’s lust for domination. “Sado-masochistic practices fit perfectly in with Hitler’s personality,” he tells The Sun. “On the one hand, he put himself forward as this master, this dominating character who walked around with a whip and loved all the uniforms, which is the sadist side. But the other side of sado-masochism is to be humiliated. “He internalised everything he didn’t like, like the losses in his life, and he projected his rage on everybody. It’s quite feasible that somebody like that would have these sexual practices.”

Hitler had an affair with niece Geli, 19 years his junior
Hitler had an affair with niece Geli, 19 years his junior Credit: Getty
Hitler claimed he avoided sex to devote his energy to the Reich
Hitler claimed he avoided sex to devote his energy to the Reich Credit: Getty

Shot in the chest after revealing wee fetish

Geli Raubal was just 17 when she came to live with Hitler in 1925, along with her mother Angela – Hitler’s sister – who was taking up a position as his housekeeper. Hitler – 19 years her senior – became obsessed with his niece, and the pair had a sexual relationship that is believed by many to have lasted six years. German defector Otto Strasser – who claimed Hitler liked women to urinate on him – said Geli was one of those who had been forced to take part. Geli told him Hitler had demanded things of her that were “simply repulsive.”

She added that Hitler made her undress, squat over his face and, when he became sexually excited she would urinate on him. Geli described the act as “extremely disgusting to her.” Although Otto, a former ally who had fallen out with Hitler, was keen to discredit him, Walter Langer believed this report to be true, saying it fitted the dictator’s personality. Shortly after the conversation with Otto, 23-year-old Geli was found dead, shot in the chest, at Hitler’s Munich apartment in 1931. The coroner ruled the death as suicide but many suspected she may have been murdered by Hitler and the files from a subsequent reinvestigation were destroyed by the Nazi party.

Geli was said to have been the love of his life
Geli was said to have been the love of his lifeCredit: Getty

Hitler was said to have been heartbroken by Geli’s death and Professor Kaplan believes she did take her own life. “I’ve read conspiracy theories but she really was the love of his life,” he says. “He locked up the room where she died and he wouldn’t allow anybody into it and he kept her portrait by his bed.” Another of his sexual dalliances who met a mysterious death was actress Renata Mueller. One of the most successful movie stars of her era, Renata began spending time with Hitler at the official residence, the Chancellery, after being introduced by film director Alfred Ziesler. She told Ziesler that, on one visit, Hitler had begged her to kick him while he lay on the floor. She finally gave in to his wishes and kicked him and kept kicking him as he begged for more, getting visibly excited. Not long after that, in October 1937, Renata fell to her death from an upstairs window of a sanitorium during a visit from the Gestapo, the Nazi police. It is not known if she was pushed or jumped.

Actress Renata Mueller fell to her death
Actress Renata Mueller fell to her death Credit: Getty
Professor Robert Kaplan is a psychoanalyst and historian
Professor Robert Kaplan is a psychoanalyst and historian

Porn addiction and private strip shows

Hitler railed against prostitution and declared “Men who succumb to lust are weak and pitiful.” He claimed he abstained from sex to preserve the “flame of life” which improved his energy and endurance. But while he didn’t like to be touched, he liked to look – inviting strippers and prostitutes to put on private shows at his mountain retreat. After taking over as Chancellor of Germany, in 1933, he developed a full-blown porn addiction, the documentary claims.

Hitler though men who succumbed to lust were 'pitiful'
Hitler though men who succumbed to lust were ‘pitiful’Credit: The LIFE Picture Collection via

Heinrich Hoffman, the official Nazi photographer, was drafted in to supply ponographic films which Hitler played most nights in his private theatre in the Chancellery. “Voyeurism fits in with his sexuality and his personality,” says Professor Kaplan. “He could distance himself so he could enjoy it but not reveal anything of himself.” The programme also addresses rumours that he was unable to have sex with Eva Braun, the girlfriend of 13 years who he married on the eve of their joint suicide in 1945. Eva’s gynaecologist claimed her vagina was “so narrow” that sex would have been excruciatingly painful and her hairdresser claimed she told him they didn’t have sex. Her own diary hinted: “He uses me only for certain purposes. Nothing else is possible.” But Professor Kaplan says there is some evidence to suggest they did.

“They slept together in the same bed and staff at the Berghof, the mountain retreat where Eva spent the war, said you could tell from the bed afterwards that somebody had sex there. “Eva Braun was a very vibrant and I would dare say, a very sexual woman. You can see from the film footage that she liked to flaunt her body.” The programme also claims Hitler’s personal medic Dr Theodor Morell, at Eva’s request, attempted to give him a boost in the bedroom by injecting him with bull semen. He also injected him with cocktails of vitamins, amphetamines, arsenic and strychnine which left the dictator addicted to drugs.

Eva Braun was his lover of 13 years
Eva Braun was his lover of 13 years Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Eva's hairdresser claimed the couple never had sex
Eva’s hairdresser claimed the couple never had sex Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Stalked girl for four years and fantasised about killing her

Writing in 1943, American psychoanalyst Walter Langer said: “Hitler’s sexual deviance stems from a dysfunctional relationship with his mother and father,” adding that he was “estranged from the love of normal human beings”. In fact Hitler’s own parents – Alois and Klara – were thought to be cousins and had to get special permission to marry because of their close family relationship. Alois was a womaniser who reportedly beat his children while Hitler’s beloved mum Klara – whose first three children died – spoilt her only surviving son. When Hitler was in high school, in Austria, he narrowly avoided being expelled after a unspecified “sexual indiscretion” involving a much younger child. As a young man, living in the Austrian town of Linz, Hitler developed an obsession with a local girl called Stefanie Isak which lasted four years. For four years, Hitler stood on the same street corner at 5pm, to watch Stefanie walk by – although he never had the courage to speak to her.

Adolf Hitler grew up in rural Austria
Adolf Hitler grew up in rural AustriaCredit: Getty

On one occasion, when Hitler thought Stefanie had deliberately avoided looking at him, his close friend August Kubizek got a chilling glimpse into the murderous nature of the future Fuhrer. In his memoirs, August revealed that Hitler hatched a plan to kidnap Stefanie and drag her to the bridge before throwing her and himself into into the Danube river below in a violent murder-suicide. “Hitler was a man of extremes,” says Professor Kaplan. “He either loved totally or hated totally.”

Hitler's mother Klara lost three children before he was born
Hitler’s mother Klara lost three children before he was born Credit: Getty
Stefanie Isak was Hitler's obsession for four years
Stefanie Isak was Hitler’s obsession for four years Credit: Wikipedia

Rallies ‘closest thing to arousal’

However Hitler really got his kicks behind closed doors, Professor Kaplan says the most orgasmic experience he had seemed to the famous rallies, where his speeches had the adoring German public chanting his name. “Sex courses through Hitler’s interaction with the world. Sex cruises through all of Hitler’s dysfactional behaviour,” he says. “You have this contrast between the man who is empty inside, and the man who stands on a podium and pours out words and people go wild. He’s the ultimate charismatic prophet. “He publicly said that the closest he got to arousal was addressing these mass rallies. “The crowd are getting turned on, and he comes out ranting, sweating and coming to something close to a climax. “He’s like someone who has just had sex – he’s soaked in sweat,exhausted.
Hitler didn’t smoke but he probably would have asked for one if he did.”

Mass rallies were a form of sexual pleasure for Hitler
Mass rallies were a form of sexual pleasure for HitlerCredit: Getty

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