Обитатели чопорной Англии в 1950е годы тоже влюблялся, встречался и женился. Или нет.

Подписи к фото не переводил. Они тривиальны и способствуют изучению языка Вильяма нашего Шекспира.

A couple looking across the Thames, London. (FPG)
A couple in Hyde park. (Cornell Capa)
A couple out in the fields. (Hulton-Deutsch)

A courting couple enjoying chips. (Charles Hewitt)
A courting couple relaxing in the park. (Haywood Magee)

A couple walking on the downs to the north of Benfleet in Essex. (Hammond)
A young couple with their children at an art exhibition in London. (Paul Popper)
A young couple cuddling in a back yard in Chelsea. (Bert Hardy)
A couple watching the sun set over the Sussex countryside. (John Tarlton)
A couple at a ball at Oxford. (Thurston Hopkins)
An elderly couple outside their beach hut at Bournemouth in Dorset. (Evening Standard)
Two couples taking a break from dancing at the Astoria Ballroom in Nottingham. (Bert Hardy)
A honeymooning couple embracing on the beach in Jersey. (Haywood Magee)
A couple feeding the ducks in a park in Aberdeen, Scotland. (Kurt Hutton)
A couple kissing on the seafront at Torquay, Devon. (John Chillingworth)
A couple with their poodle in the park. (Thurston Hopkins)
A young couple at the Brighton Aquarium. (Maurice Ambler)
A young couple at the Manchester University Student Union Fresher’s Ball. (Thurston Hopkins)
A couple kissing upon the soldier’s arrival from the Korean War at Southampton. (Keystone-France)
A young couple outside the ‘Club Americana’ in London. (Hulton)
A young couple kissing on the grass in Wimbledon Common. (Grace Robertson)
An exhausted young couple during an all-night jazz session at the Royal Albert Hall. (Erich Auerbach)
A West Indian couple dancing during the Notting Hill carnival at St. Pancras Town Hall, London. (Daily Mirror)

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