Так вот ты какая, австралийская масленица!

Основательница P.E. Nation Пип Эдвардс присоединиласья к тысячам людей, вышедших на улицы Сиднея в субботу на Марди Гра. Веселился и ликовал весь радужный народ. Сиднейская Оксфорд-стрит была очень оживлённой. На улицы вышло около 300 000 человек. Они отпраздновали жемчужину программы WorldPride, которую Австралия принимает впервые.

Это событие последовало за грандиозным концертом открытия WorldPride в Домене в пятницу вечером, когда Кайли Миноуг выступила в качестве хедлайнера, а ее сестра Дэнни неожиданно появилась на сцене. Эд Ширан, выступавший в пятницу в Олимпийском парке Сиднея, задрапировался в радужный флаг, который уже давно является символом прав ЛГБТК+, и надел футболку с флагом аборигенов. 

Тем временем основательница группы P.E. Nation Пип Эдвардс выглядела великолепно в полностью черном номере с полупрозрачным топом без спины и мини-юбкой. Чтобы придать образу уместный оттенок кэмпа, бизнесвумен дополнила его черными кожаными сапогами на шпильке до колена и уложила свои светлые локоны в пучок.

P.E. Nation founder Pip Edwards joined thousands of people taking to the streets in Sydney's CBD for Mardi Gras on Saturday
Pip, 42, looked gorgeous in an all black number, with a backless semisheer crop top and miniskirtAdding a suitable touch of camp, the businesswoman added knee high stiletto black leather boots and slicked her blonde tresses back into a bun

Crowds clutched rainbow flags and looked on in awe as performers walked through Oxford street on Saturday

Two people, with matching green mohawks, share a kiss on the float

Похожи на Тёму Лебедева с сыном соловьиного помёта.

One reveller in a green dress and gold heels with a shaved head has a lie down, while a friend in a nude outfit checks on them

One attenddee opted for a bikini in the colour of the trans flag with white boots and fishnet tights

One pair opted for tutus and tassels as they celebrated LGBTQ+ culture

Let me take a selfie! Two revelleres in silver and sparkles made sure they looked their best

Ready for a touch up! This pair helped with face paint before the parade

True blue! One pair opted for blue dress

Pink and gold was another look

Bikinis, heels, and slacks were worn by many revellers throughout the day

Barbie girl! Ahead of the upcoming Margot Robbie movie, two goers opted for Barbie looks

Don't forget to have fun! One attendee clutches a beverage as they celebrated on the Harbour

Squat and pose! One person got into a very awkward position to snap shots

Tudor chic: This pair opted for 16th century style skirts for the celebration

Golden and yellow outfits added a touch of glam for many revellers

Good as gold! Some revellers looked angelic in sparkling outfits as they posed near Hyde Park

One reveller opted for devil horns while cheekily writing 'naked' across their chest

Pyjamas and bunny ears were the choice for one reveller while another opted for a 'weirdo' T-shirt

Dancers were dressed in festival gear for the LGBTQ+ celebration

Pride crowds gathered in Sydney to celebrate Mardi Gras on Saturday night

Pacing themselves! Some revellers made sure to get a seat - and fan themselves before the celebrations

Sydneysiders descended on Oxford Street in bikinis, underwear and bondage gear to celebrate Mardi Gras

Doc Martens, fishnet tights and mini-skirts were seen among many of the revellers

Some paradegoers opted for full carnival gear as they stunned Sydney's CBD

This pair dressed as anime characters Sailor Moon and Sailor Mecury - with a saucy twist - for the fun day out

Thousands of people are beginning to gather in Sydney's CBD to take to the streets and celebrate Mardi Gras. Two perfromers are pictured

Australia is hosting WorldPride for the first time in history, with revellers travelling from all over the world for the celebration. Revellers are seen in glitter and topless

Purring in purple! One paradegoer opted for a colourful look with black and purple bondage gear - as well as a mask and ears

Beauty Queens were also part of the parade with Miss Rainbow Princess looing glam in gold

Another beauty queen opted for towering golden shoes

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade will return to its heritage-listed route after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the event to relocate to the Sydney Cricket Ground in 2021 and 2022. One reveller opted for flamboyant 'hello I'm gay' shorts

Пандемия заставила перенести мероприятие в Сидней Крикет Граунд в 2021 и 2022 годах.

Более 200 плавучих средств и 12 500 участников парада пройдут по 1,7 километрам улиц, выложенных радужными полосами, в честь празднования идентичности, сообщества и равенства гомосексуалистов.

Энтони Альбанезе станет первым действующим премьер-министром, который примет участие в параде, к которому он присоединился в 1983 году – через пять лет после его начала как протеста за права геев.

Я не буду пытаться соревноваться в модных ставках”, – сказал он в субботу.

Гордость – это то, чем мы должны гордиться, что Австралия движется к все более равноправному обществу, где уважают всех, независимо от того, кого они любят”.

Many went for very daring outfits with black and white lace and pearls

Some went for anime looks with high school inspired dresses

Temporary tattoos, body paint and even mermaid tails were popular choices throughout the day

Some revellers went for fairy inspired looks with wings and elf ears

Purple bikinis tops and green tails - much like Ariel the Little Mermaid - were seen on many marchers

Smart revellers opted for fans to keep cool

BDSM-inspired outfits were ten-a-penny with many opting for latex and chains

Tassels and skin were on show for many of the partygoers as they strutted their stuff

Nautical but nice! Revellers fittingly posed in the harbour in sailor-themed gear

One pair opted for head-to-toe matching Versace, complete with baroque shorts and a branded flat cap
Bright green makes you seen! One reveller ensured all eyes were on them in neon
Sparkles and high heels were the statement look for this reveller who looked gorgeous with sparkingly earringsOne reveller opted for a rainbow dress

'You are loved' signs complete with rainbows were put up around Sydney to celebrate
Crowds looked delighted as they held LGBTQ and Trans pride flags in the crowds
Many fans wore masks as they watched on the parade
One apartment hung Palestine and Aboriginal flags up - as well as a banner of the Progress flag - in delight
One performer opted for full drag with extra aboriginal colours to celebrate Australia pride
Honey Birdette celebreated with saucy pictures in red leather and lingerie
Legs for days! Performers opted for huge heels and latex for celebrations
Perfection in pink! Some revellers showed off very enviable bodies in scanily-clad gear
Silver crowns and tailfeathers were popular in the Honey Birdette tentBlack lingeie and heels was a sure showstopper
One partygoer looked gorgeous in rainbow gear as they opted for a bikini and mini skirt
Out of this world! One person dressed as Ariel the Little Mermaid - while riding a unicycle
Maria Thatill and her partner Jorgee Rae went for a Jean Paul Gautier-esq look as the paid tribute to 80s-Madonna style 'Cone boob' outfit
Cowboy carnival! One reveller opted for cow print slacks and went topless for the celebrations
One reveller opted for glitter and a rainbow headband
Pink, purple, red and blue were popular colours among revellersOne parade watcher oped for a blue catsuit

Rainbows appeared to be the theme of the day with parade goers opting for feather boas and cowboy hats
Paradise is calling! Some appeared to be dressed as if they were from the garden of Eden in green leaves and gold masks


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