Was this the moment Hitler first sensed he would LOSE World War Two? Telegram where Nazi leader shows first ‘seed of doubt’ emerges in Spain

Был ли это момент, когда Гитлер впервые почувствовал, что он проиграет Вторую мировую войну? Телеграмма, в которой нацистский лидер показывает первое “зерно сомнения”, появилась в Испании. A telegram by Adolf Hitler in which he appears to show his first ‘seed of doubt’ about victory in World War Two has emerged in Spain. The typed letter […]

“Let us Calculate!”Leibniz, Llull, and the Computational Imagination

“Давайте считать!” Лейбниц, Ллулл и вычислительное воображение By Jonathan Gray Three hundred years after the death of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and seven hundred years after the death of Ramon Llull, Jonathan Gray looks at how their early visions of computation and the “combinatorial art” speak to our own age of data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Через […]

How HITLER helped put a man on the moon: Netflix film tells how US housed Nazi scientists in luxury PoW camp in Virginia so they could quiz them on Reich’s rocket technology

Как ГИТЛЕР помог отправить человека на Луну: Фильм Netflix рассказывает о том, как США разместили нацистских ученых в роскошном лагере для военнопленных в Вирджинии, чтобы расспросить их о ракетной технологии Рейха A new Netflix film tells the incredible story of a top-secret US prisoner camp where Nazi officers and scientists were guarded and interviewed by […]

The last messages from Hitler’s bunker: Telegram from Martin Bormann telling his family ‘things are screwed here, chief will remain here no matter what’ is revealed 76 years after French soldier took it as souvenir

Последние послания из бункера Гитлера: Телеграмма Мартина Бормана, в которой он говорил своей семье: “Здесь все плохо, шеф останется здесь, несмотря ни на что”, раскрыта через 76 лет после того, как французский солдат взял ее в качестве сувенира Never-before-seen documents from Adolf Hitler’s final days in his underground bunker have come to light more than […]

The end of an era: As Angela Merkel steps down after 16 years as German Chancellor, a look at her biggest moments – from migrant crisis and Covid (and letting EU destroy her hard work), to battling Brexit and Trump

Конец эпохи: Ангела Меркель уходит в отставку после 16 лет пребывания на посту канцлера Германии, чтобы проанализировать самые яркие моменты ее деятельности – от кризиса мигрантов и Ковида (и позволения ЕС уничтожить ее тяжелую работу) до борьбы с Brexit и Трампом. Angela Merkel is stepping down as German Chancellor today after 16 years in power, […]

The ultimate PANTOMINE: Unearthed photos reveal how Allied PoWs at Stalag Luft III camp performed drag-acts and played sports to appear perfect prisoners… while secretly tunnelling towards their heroic Great Escape

A remarkable cache of incredible photos capturing life inside the Great Escape PoW camp has been discovered in a barn. The images, taken at Stalag Luft III in 1942 and 1943, show Allied prisoners dressed as women doing amateur-dramatics and an action-packed sports day. They donned bikinis and other extravagant outfits as they entertained their […]

Tunnel of love

Туннель любви The heart-stopping true story of how a group of recklessly brave students dug a tunnel under the Berlin Wall – and helped 29 mud-soaked men, women and children escape East Germany Душераздирающая правдивая история о том, как группа безрассудно смелых студентов прорыла тоннель под Берлинской стеной и помогла 29 пропитанным грязью мужчинам, женщинам […]

Hunt for lost artwork from legendary Amber Room is set to begin as divers prepare to search sunken Nazi warship:

Photos show vessel was carrying unidentified artwork and possible museum artefacts Polish divers found the wreck of the Karlsruhe in September, 75 years after it sank off the Polish coast in 1945 Later this month they plan to spend 12 days off the coast of Gdansk to search through non-military crates They have also spotted […]

Looking for Hitler’s gold / Ищут золото Гитлера / À la recherche de l’or de Hitler.

Treasure hunters’ plan to dig up 48 crates of Hitler’s gold worth half a billion pounds hidden under Nazis’ palace ‘brothel’ after loot’s location is revealed in SS officer’s secret diary Dig expected to uncover 10 tonnes of gold in grounds of 18th century palace in Minkowskie, southern Poland Treasure was stolen on orders of […]

Четыре зимы в аду. Барбаросса отморозил рыжую бороду.

Four winters in HELL: Rare photos from Operation Barbarossa reveal the horrors faced by Hitler’s troops who were sent to take Moscow… with little thought for the Siberian cold that awaited them Pictures feature in Images of War: The Nazis’ winter warfare on the Eastern Front, 1941-1945, by Ian Baxter They show the plight of […]

Inside horrific Auschwitz ‘social club’ where SS officers watched ‘Dr Josef Mengele’s Dwarf Show’:

Infamous ‘Angel of Death’ made a family with dwarfism perform for Nazi elite… before carrying out evil experiments on them ‘Home of Comradeship’ at Auschwitz served as canteen and entertainment hall for the SS and their families Stars of the stage were invited to perform and it hosted cabarets, orchestras and even boxing matches Prisoners […]

Educating Nazis:

Swastikas, salutes and Hitler speeches: Inside Nazi school for girls in England that inspired Six Minutes to Midnight IN a quiet seaside resort full of independent schools, the girls from Augusta Victoria College were barely cause for a second glance as they played catch on the beach. But these students were at a very different […]