RIOTS have broken out in Sweden after right-wing extremists burned copies of the Koran in the street.

Hundreds of protesters burned tyres and threw rocks at cops as they demonstrated against the burning of the Muslim holy book in Malmo, Sweden.

Russian pranksters rule!

VIDEO and AUDIO RUSSIAN pranksters duped Kamala Harris by posing as Greta Thunberg in a phone call as they discussed climate change and Donald Trump. The US Sun can reveal infamous duo of Vovan and Lexus got a chat with Joe Biden’s VP as they posed as Greta offering dirt on Trump. Exclusive audio […]

IAN BIRRELL: Why Sweden, pilloried by the whole world for refusing to lock down – with schools staying open and no face mask laws – may be having the last laugh as experts say Stockholm is close to achieving herd immunity

By Ian Birrell for The Mail on Sunday Published: 17:00 EDT, 8 August 2020 As she sat dangling her legs over the water while waiting for the ferry back to Stockholm, Carolinne Liden looked a picture of contentment after a day out on a sunny Swedish island.  But the pandemic has been tough for this […]

Шведская теория свободы

На галерее вверху представлен фрагмент нашей со Светой поездки в Стокгольм в апреле 2006 года.  В последние несколько месяцев Швецию в мире не поносил только ленивый — и все из-за отказа властей этой страны вводить карантинные меры. В своем эссе писатель Константин Зарубин, постоянно проживающий в этой стране, объясняет причины такого выбора властей Вступление. Страшилка […]

Abba were paralysed by nerves and critics loathed their ‘garbage’ songs at start of pop career

SUPER TROUPERS Gareth Pearce 21 Jun 2020, 23:37 IT’S time to say Thank You For The Music again – as Abba plan to release new songs more than 38 years since they were last in the studio together. But it could all have been very different, because nerves nearly ended the band’s first major tour […]

En 1986, l’assassinat d’Olof Palme

Dans les archives de Match Paris Match | Publié le 10/06/2020 à 22h30 |Mis à jour le 11/06/2020 à 07h30 CM La justice suédoise a clos mercredi l’enquête sur l’assassinat du Premier ministre Olof Palme. Retour sur l’une des pages les plus sombres de l’histoire moderne de la Suède… Avec Rétro Match, suivez l’actualité à […]