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The Queen of the B-Movie Bad Girls: 50 Glamorous Photos of Cleo Moore in the 1950s

Королева плохих девчонок из фильмов категории “Б”: 50 гламурных фотографий Клео Мур в 1950-х годах Born 1924 in Galvez, Louisiana, American actress Cleo Moore usually featured in the role of a blonde bombshell in Hollywood films of the 1950s. She also became a well-known pin-up girl. Moore made her film debut in 1948 in Embraceable You. […]

How the Mafia tried to bury The Godfather… until they were bought off with roles on screen: BRIAN VINER reveals the real story of the gangster classic that remains the best film ever made

Как мафия пыталась похоронить “Крестного отца”… пока их не откупили ролями на экране: БРИАН ВАЙНЕР раскрывает реальную историю гангстерской классики, которая остается лучшим фильмом из когда-либо снятых By Brian Viner For The Daily Mail Published: 18:21 EST, 6 January 2022 Film-lovers have a treat in store in 2022. The greatest movie ever made is getting […]

Christmas in The Big Apple 120 years ago: Black and white pictures show crowds of shoppers buying presents and preparing for holidays in New York City in the early 1900s

Рождество в “Большом яблоке” 120 лет назад: Черно-белые фотографии показывают толпы покупателей, покупающих подарки и готовящихся к праздникам в Нью-Йорке в начале 1900-х годов This fascinating series of vintage photographs shows how New Yorkers were preparing for Christmas over a hundred years ago. The pictures – taken between 1900 and 1916 – feature everyday scenes […]

The U.S. Soldier Who Defected to North Korea … and now lives in Japan selling crackers

Американский солдат, который перешел на сторону Северной Кореи… и теперь живет в Японии, продавая крекеры By Graeme Wood SEPTEMBER 2013  we all do stupid things when we’re drunk, but among bad decisions, this one deserves special distinction: on the night of January 4, 1965, U.S. Army Sergeant Charles Robert Jenkins pounded 10 beers, deserted his infantry company at […]

Cancelled and ruined for comparing fine malts to sensual lovers: Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible sold a million copies and the industry hung on his every word – until Becky Paskin posted a single Instagram message

Отменен и разорён за сравнение изысканных напитков с чувственными любовниками: Книга Джима Мюррея “Библия виски” продавалась миллионными тиражами, и индустрия следила за каждым его словом – пока Бекки Паскин не сделала один пост в Инстаграмме By Jane Fryer for the Daily Mail Jim Murray, the author of the million-selling Whisky Bible, has spent the past […]

Diallo Truth, Diallo Falsehood / Истина про Диалло, ложь про Диалло

FROM THE MAGAZINE For three months, the Diallo tragedy convulsed New York. But most accounts of it—the Times’s above all—were politically motivated distortions. The city is the worse for them. В течение трех месяцев трагедия Диалло сотрясала Нью-Йорк. Но большинство рассказов о ней – прежде всего опубликованных в (Нью-Йорк) “Таймс” – были политически мотивированными искажениями. Городу […]

Photographer who spent years on the mean streets of NYC with the NYPD reveals the arrests AND camaraderie of the violent and turbulent 1970s and ’80s

Фотограф, проведшая годы на злачных улицах Нью-Йорка с полицейскими Нью-Йорка, рассказывает об арестах и братстве по оружию в течение жестоких и бурных 1970-х и 1980-х годов The gritty black-and-white photographs speak to a time of violence, soaring crimes, budget problems and cuts, and several calamities New York City faced: fiscal, a burgeoning HIV/AIDS crisis, and the scourge […]

Bank teller who vanished with $215,000 in stolen cash 52 years ago is finally tracked down to a Boston suburb – but he’s dead: Made off with equivalent of $1.7m, became a golf pro and sold luxury cars before dying of cancer

By James Gordon For Dailymail.com Published: 12 November 2021 A man who worked as a bank teller in Cleveland and robbed his employer of $215,000 52 years ago has finally been unmasked by US Marshals – six months after he died.  Theodore John Conrad died at the age of 71 in a north Boston suburb […]

Al Pacino arrested for attempted robbery and Sinatra accused of seduction and adultery: Stars are pictured in front of the camera for the wrong reasons in newly colorized mugshots / Аль Пачино арестован за попытку ограбления, а Синатра обвиняется в соблазнении и супружеской измене: звезды предстают перед камерой по неправильным причинам на новых цветных фотороботах

A stunning series of iconic police mugshots involving some of the world’s biggest stars and influential figures have been released in a never-before-seen colorized form.  The collection, including David Bowie‘s 1976 jail photo for marijuana possession and Jane Fonda’s act of defiance against trumped-up drug charges, have been brought to life in painstaking detail. The […]


Madonna is nearing senior citizen status after being a trailblazing iconoclastic musician for almost four decades. But in the new V Magazine cover interview, the 63-year-old Like A Virgin singer looked like she was half her age in a racy shoot by Steven Klein. The photographer said he was inspired by Bert Stern’s series The Last Sitting, […]

Celebrity Deaths That Changed Music History: Gone Too Soon / Смерти знаменитостей, изменившие историю музыки: ушедшие слишком рано

Early, untimely deaths – and the questions and legacies left behind – from Janis Joplin to Elvis Presley to Whitney Houston to Chris Cornell / Ранние, безвременные смерти – и оставшиеся после них вопросы и наследие – от Дженис Джоплин до Элвиса Пресли, от Уитни Хьюстон до Криса Корнелла. By David Browne & Jon Dolan […]