Sortavala comparisons. Part 22. Old stadium.

Soccer play in 1960s
Naisvoimistelijoiden maakuntajuhlat 25.-26.5. 1927
1960s. Running competition.

When I was 7 – 13 years old, I used to play soccer here from time to time, but mostly we were watching games.
The biggest kick was to skate in the evening. Public skating was open at around 6pm up to 10 pm during weekends and maybe Wednesdays too. The stadium was well lighted, the entry ticket cost maybe 10 kopeks (there was a fence around it)/ In the wooden house there was a wood-fueled stove to get warm after hours and hours of skating and playing games like “kazaki-razboiniki” when we were chasing each other trying to touch the fugitive adversary and thus win some stupid scores. There was also a kind of ‘garde-robe’ where one can leave his or her ‘valenki’ but most people preferred to hide them under the fans’ benches being empty in winter.
2014. Some kind of agricultural sales, what we call Ярмарка.