Очумелые ручки старой румынки.

By Rory Tingle, Home Affairs Correspondent and Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter For Mailonline Published: 09:51 EDT, 28 July 2021 This is the moment a sixty-year-old woman swiped £4.2million worth of gems under the noses of staff at London society jeweller Boodles – as she was today jailed for five-and-a-half years for the Ocean’s Eleven-style heist. […]

Mass murderer Anders Breivik secretly trying to pocket £7million by selling the rights to turn his life into a film

HORROR MOVIE – ФИЛЬМ УЖАСОВ Массовый убийца Андерс Брейвик тайно пытается получить 7 миллионов фунтов стерлингов, продав права на экранизацию своей жизни Ben Griffiths 20:00, 10 Jul 2021 EVIL Anders Breivik is secretly trying to pocket £7million by selling the rights to turn his life into a film, The Sun on Sunday can reveal. Ten years […]

Вы говорили: “Джек Лондон, деньги, любовь, страсть”,- а я одно видел: вы – Джоконда, которую надо украсть! И украли. В. Маяковский.

Дело было в 1911 году. Символом Лувра, да и живописи как таковой, стала в массовом сознании по каким-то иррациоальным причинам «Джоконда» — «Портрет Моны Лизы» (1503–1506) кисти Леонардо да Винчи. Укради ее — и прослывешь величайшим вором в истории, автором идеального, невозможного преступления. Невозможное возможно: однажды ее украли, но имя вора мало кто помнит, а […]

Иллюстрированный рассказ про знаменитого парижского “мясника” доктора Петио.

Улица Лезюера. Освенцим на дому (1944) Парижская городская легенда гласит, что трехэтажный дом по улице Лезюера, 21 — в спесивом Шестнадцатом округе, сразу за площадью Звезды, — в конце 1940-х годов по кирпичику разобрал его хозяин Морис Петио: то ли истребляя память о старшем брате — докторе Марселе Петио, то ли разыскивая тайник с его несметными […]

‘We were watering corpses’:

Woman tells of horror at learning Canadian serial killer buried remains of seven gay men in her backyard planters after he offered to mow her lawn Bruce McArthur, 69, was sentenced to life in prison in 2019 He pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting, killing and dismembering eight men he met in Toronto’s Gay Village between […]


How ‘godmothers of crime’ are taking over mafia gangs behind drug rings, extortion and murder Graeme Culliford FLICKING through their Instagram, these women look like so many others – proudly sharing pictures and sharing gossip. But behind their smiling photographs are secrets of drugs, extortion and even murder.

I wish I could have “blown his fucking head off” myself

A MAN whose parents were brutally murdered by the Night Stalker serial killer says his family was never given justice and wishes he could have “blown his fucking head off” himself.Peter Zazzara’s father Vincent and step-mom Maxine were brutally murdered by Richard Ramirez in their ranch-style home in Whittier, Los Angeles, on March 27, 1985.

Russian military historian, 64, shot and beheaded his student lover, 24…

… then partied and drank cognac with friends Will Stewart A RUSSIAN military historian has been jailed for more than 12 years after shooting and beheading his student lover before boozing on cognac. Professor Oleg Sokolov, 64, killed and dismembered Anastasia Yeschenko, 24, before throwing her body parts into the Moika River in St Petersburg, […]

Убил жену, потому что был несексуален сам

A HUSBAND who killed his camgirl wife told cops she was unhappy he “wasn’t as sexual as she was”, a court heard. An Alabama jury has unanimously found William Jeffrey West, 47, guilty of the manslaughter of online adult model Kathleen West, who posted under the name “Kitty Kat West”. Jeff West faces two to 20 […]

Какой хороший папа!

Killer who raped 16-year-old and buried her alive says ‘tell my kids I love them’ as he is put to death in 8th federal execution under Trump – after Supreme Court denied an 11th-hour legal challenge By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline and Associated Press A killer convicted of kidnapping, raping and burying alive a 16-year-old […]

Killed in Canada

Clint Sawchuk remembers going to bed with a loaded shotgun beside him, and the fear that descended on his small Canadian town. Curtis Broughton remembers the smiles and joy Australian tourist Lucas Fowler and American girlfriend Chynna Deese exuded during their chance meeting on a highway. Broughton also recalls the horror he felt when news […]

TORTURE HELL Horrifying secret torture chamber with dentist’s chair and scalpels found in biggest-ever bust of Brit ‘Mr Bigs’ Patrick Knox 8 Jul 2020, 11:24 Updated: 8 Jul 2020, 11:24 Patrick Knox Invalid Date, DUTCH police have discovered a sickening torture chamber complete with a dentist’s chair and handcuffs linked to a bust of crimelords […]