Китайские фонарики. Chinese Lanterns. Les lanterns chinoises. 2005.

Montreal’s homeless camp

 Simon Nakonechny, Benjamin Shingler  © Simon Nakonechny/CBC Jacques Brochu was one of the first residents of the encampment. ‘Here we’re a little gang,’ he said. ‘We know each other. We take care of each other.’ Jacques Brochu stands in the morning sun as a steady stream of cars and trucks barrel past along Notre-Dame Street. The banner […]

John A. Macdonald statue: Put it back, move it or drop it in the river?

 Marian Scott, Montreal Gazette 1 hour ago © John Mahoney The statue of Sir John A. Macdonald lies in two pieces at the base of the monument from which it was pulled during demonstration by the Coalition for BIPOC Liberation in Montreal on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020. Should Sir John A. be put back on his pedestal? […]

Ce Québécois a roulé 1 million de km avec une Hyundai Elantra 2008

PAR GUILLAUME RIVARD 23 JUILLET 2020 Qui a dit que les véhicules de Hyundai n’étaient pas fiables? Nous vous avons déjà parlé d’une Accent de 500 000 kilomètres. Eh bien, voici l’histoire invraisemblable d’une Elantra 2008 qui a parcouru environ le double de cette distance… encore une fois grâce à un Québécois! Jocelyn Roy a acheté sa voiture d’occasion chez Hyundai Granby […]

Just a pic

And you can fly High as a kite if you want to Faster than light if you want to Speeding through the universe

Kiting is the best way to travel

Protest in Montreal turns violent

MONTREAL — A Montreal anti-racism protest demanding justice for a black Minnesota man who died following a police intervention last week degenerated into clashes between police and some demonstrators on Sunday night. The march had snaked its way through downtown Montreal on Sunday afternoon without incident, but Montreal police declared the gathering illegal about three hours after it began […]

Montreal by night in September 2008.

Quel est cet engin? Son but? Il appartient à la Garde côtière.

Montreal by Night on September 1st 2008

Une journée de mai à Lachine

Lachine finit ici (presque).

Lachine in may

See you in 200 years buddy! Same May, same place!