EXCLUSIVE: Explosive new book claims the KGB began grooming ‘young and vain’ Donald Trump 40 years ago

It saved him from financial ruin and turned into a Russian asset who gave Putin ‘everything he wanted’ as president By Caroline Howe For Dailymail.com Donald Trump was cultivated as a Russian asset more than 40 years ago which exploded into a decades-long ‘relationship’ of mutual benefit to both Russia and Trump, a shocking new […]

Blow the sucker up!

Crumbling Trump Plaza in Atlantic City where high roller lost $10M in baccarat session later fictionalized in the movie Casino will be BLOWN UP and now people can bid to join viewing party from nearby hotel rooms President Trump left the White House relatively quietly on Wednesday after his four-year term as president came to an end, […]

Майк Помпео делает историю.

Mike Pompeo says groups who support for boycotting Israel will be banned from getting federal cash as he makes history by visiting West Bank Jewish settlement U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday became the first top American diplomat to visit an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank as the State Department announced […]

See Rare Photos of Young Melania Trump’s Early Career as a Model at 16 in Slovenia

Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump, had a long career as a model before she came a political wife and mother. She started her modeling career as a teenager in her native Slovenia. Melania likely was not yet 17 when she was approached by well-known Slovenian photographer Stane Jerko who proposed she model for him. […]

Trump said Obama got into Harvard Law because of ‘fucking affirmative action,’accused Nelson Mandela of turning South Africa into a ‘shithole’ and watched a golden shower show in Vegas strip club ‘with delight’, Michael Cohen claims in new book

Disgraced Trump fixer and personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s forthcoming tell-all book reveals supposed examples of the president’s alleged racism, hatred of Barack Obama and reaction to a surprising strip show performance. Cohen’s memoir, Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, hits bookshelves Tuesday, despite his currently serving out a three-year federal […]

Michael Cohen reveals his bombshell book about Donald Trump

Michael Cohen published a first look at his book about Donald Trump on Thursday, revealing several bombshell claims, including that he witnessed a ‘golden showers’ incident. In the peek at his memoir ‘Disloyal,’ Cohen reveals the ‘mob boss’ mentality of the president in his foreword, which he titled ‘THE REAL REAL DONALD TRUMP.’ ‘Apart from […]

Thousands more bikers pack Sturgis in South Dakota for 10-day festival and fill the bars without social distancing as mayor tells his residents ‘we can’t stop the crowd of up to 250,000 from coming’

Thousands more maskless bikers have descended on a small town in South Dakota and crowded into bars ignoring social distancing rules. Bikers began arriving in Sturgis, South Dakota, Friday and continued to drive into the city on Saturday for one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world.  The city of 7,000 usually sees an […]

Trump supporters rally: Hundreds of MAGA fans march in Beverly Hills

Hundreds of President Trump supporters descended onto the streets of Beverly Hills to protest property destruction and the ‘villainization’ of police while two similar demonstrations were held in Texas. These counter-demonstrations are in response to a series of anti-racism and Black Lives Matter protests that have gripped the country since George Floyd‘s death on Memorial […]

Donald Trump blasts the ‘left-wing cultural revolution’ and ‘cancel culture’

as he vows to hunt down rioters with federal law enforcement at Mount Rushmore on the eve of the Fourth of July President Trump spoke at Mount Rushmore Friday evening to headline a Fourth of July event  He blasted the ‘left-wing cultural revolution,’ a knock at the Black Lives Matter protests, and said their goal […]

Melania Trump only moved to the White House AFTER getting a new prenup.

Melania Trump only moved to the White House AFTER getting a new prenup and has ‘proof in writing’ that Barron will be treated as equal to Donald’s other kids, new book claims – but she says it’s ‘fiction’ Melania Trump used her position as first lady to renegotiate her prenup with Donald Trump, which she […]