White professor of African American studies who faked being black ‘skipped her own mom’s funeral to avoid being found out’ – as relatives say they are worried for her safety and she can always come home

The family of race faker Jessica Krug suspect she skipped her own mother’s funeral so relatives wouldn’t rumble her black alter ego, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal. The George Washington University professor, 38, was a surprise no-show when her loved ones gathered to pay respects to Sherry Krug, who succumbed to pneumonia in 2013. After learning […]

Lindsey Graham says he wants to know why Jacob Blake ‘didn’t yield when he was asked to yield’ before cop shot him seven times in the back leaving in paralyzed

Lindsey Graham said Tuesday that the black man who was shot seven times by Wisconsin police on Sunday should have ‘yielded’ when law enforcement instructed him to do so. ‘I don’t know what happened there. Let’s find out. It’s dangerous being a cop,’ Graham told reporters during a press conference with the South Carolina Fraternal […]

Protests spark battles across the US: Antifa and Proud Boys brawl in Michigan, cops clash with BLM marchers in Chicago and pro-police demonstrators fire gunshots in Portland as rallies turn violent

Brawls between Antifa and far-right Proud Boys broke out on the streets of a Michigan city on Saturday, as protests turned violent across the United States this weekend.  From Portland in the west to Miami in the east, via Michigan, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Chicago, Americans took to the streets on Saturday to demand […]

Les effeuilleuses be volent pas leurs sou, n’est-ce pas? Teasers want to eat too ain’t they? Стриптизёрши тоже хочут жить, так ведь?

Le Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club à Gloucester dans le New Jersey accueille toujours des clients malgré la pandémie. La journaliste de Reuters Rachel Wisniewski a immortalisé cette reprise de l’activité dans des conditions particulières.  Barre de danse désinfectée et masque au bord du podium, les strip-teaseuses du Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club dans le New Jersey ont repris du […]

Обратный расизм. В США наступили во всех отношениях черные времена

Андрей Николаев 12.07.2020, 07:44 Одна из основателей движения Black Lives Matter в канадском Торонто Юсра Хогали поделилась своим видением мира и проблемой расизма в Северной Америке В своем твиттере темнокожая активистка отметила, что белые люди являются «недочеловеками» с «рецессивными генетическими дефектами». «Белые люди — рецессивные генетические дефекты. Это факт. Белые гены нуждаются в превосходстве белых, как механизме защиты […]

Куда несется Америка

АВТОР Михаил Таратута журналист Сегодня мы смотрим на Америку и поражаемся происходящему. В памяти всплывают тревожные аналогии с 1917-ым годом в России, когда ниспровергались буржуазные ценности, уничтожалась старая буржуазная культура, искусство, наука, былой уклад жизни. Когда торжествовал культ разрушения всего, что не несло идей революции и торжества пролетариата. Или вот поближе к нам – китайская […]

Shooting galore in the USA.

Donald Trump warns he’s ‘ready’ to intervene as 80 are shot in Chicago and 44 in NYC – with cops fired at in their car – and 32 are killed across US including girl, 7, as July 4 bloodshed continues At least 32 people were killed in shootings in cities across the US during Fourth […]


Protesters defy Donald Trump and risk ten years in jail as they throw Columbus statue into Baltimore harbor just hours after he called them ‘Nazis and terrorists’ in July Fourth address as protests break out across the US Protesters in Baltimore hauled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and threw it into a harbor on […]


‘You are on stolen land’: Native American protesters face off with National Guard and police and at least 15 are arrested after blocking a road leading to Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump’s Independence Day speech Protesters, mostly Native Americans, blocked a road leading to Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota The blockade was formed hours […]

Tucker Carlson for president?

Former Trump campaign and GOP officials believe the Fox News host could lead a successful 2024 presidential campaign after his show becomes the highest-rated program in Cable News Former Trump officials and conservative strategists are reportedly discussing the possibility of Fox News Host Tucker Carlson running for president in 2024 Carlson has previously denied interest […]

Woman shot 4 times after snatching Nazi flag from man’s yard in Oklahoma

 © Via KFOR A Nazi flag is shown flying outside a man’s home in Hunter, Okla., on June 29, 2020. A 26-year-old woman was shot multiple times after grabbing a Nazi flag from an Oklahoma man’s yard on an early-morning dare over the weekend, according to authorities in Hunter, Okla. Police say the woman was at a party […]

Rotting of the Big Apple:

Famous monument of George Washington is defaced as NYC city slides billions into red, NYPD faces $1bn cut and de Blasio is accused of ‘surrendering the city to lawlessness’ amid escalating crime The monument at Washington Square Park was defaced on Monday by vandals who threw red paint at it  Downtown, hundreds gathered outside City […]