Sharon Stone was told she was not ‘fuckable’ by Hollywood agent weeks before landing Basic Instinct role Emily Fairbairn, Books Editor HER iconic role as a sexually-charged killer in film Basic Instinct is one of the most provocative in movie history. But when Sharon Stone first turned up in Hollywood, she was told she was […]

Пять основных препятствий всеобщего перехода к электромобилям.

Почти все развитые страны в мире активно поддер­живают транспорт на электротяге и вот-вот оконча­тельно откажутся от машин с ДВС. По крайней мере, именно такое впечатление склады­вается, если следить за новостями об автомо­билях последних лет. О скором запрете машин с двигателем внутреннего сгорания на правитель­ственном уровне уже объявили 14 стран. И это не только крошечный Сингапур или состоя­тельная Норвегия, […]

‘It’s the easiest illegal border crossing along the Rio Grande!’

Texas sheriff tells how his small town is being overrun by migrants who wait until the river reaches its lowest point and wade across within five minutes The border crisis is nowhere more glaring than in the small Texas town of Del Rio that sits right on the Rio Grande River  At certain times of […]

Educating Nazis:

Swastikas, salutes and Hitler speeches: Inside Nazi school for girls in England that inspired Six Minutes to Midnight IN a quiet seaside resort full of independent schools, the girls from Augusta Victoria College were barely cause for a second glance as they played catch on the beach. But these students were at a very different […]

Фотограф Эрвин Олаф. Серия “Зрелые”. Если не сказать “Перезревшие”.

Back to the future:

Retro images reveal predictions for how life would look today with people walking on water and airplanes with pools (but sat nav and video calls weren’t too far wrong!) Retro snaps show what people from decades ago thought today would look like The snaps including their predictions for modern mobile phones and air travel  One […]

Partying during apartheid.

29 years after voting to end racial segregation, fascinating photos show 1960s South Africans of all races revelling together in illegal underground clubs Rare pictures taken by photographer Billy Monk in 1960s apartheid South Africa have been shared March 17 marked 29 years since the referendum on abolishing the system of racial segregation was held The photographs […]

Long-lost Caligula mosaic found

Long-lost mosaic that adorned mad Emperor Caligula’s lavish ‘pleasure barge’ 2,000 years ago is finally returned home to Italy after being used as coffee table in New York The red, green and white mosaic was recovered from Lake Nemi, Italy, in 1929 It was made around 37–40AD for the bridge of one of Caligula’s floating […]

First to pay reparations

Chicago suburb to be first in US to pay reparations to black residents who will be offered $25,000 towards home ownership so long as they or their relatives lived there between 1919 and 1969 – and they’ll use tax on legal marijuana to pay for it Chicago suburb Evanston could become first to offer black […]

Между первой и второй перерывчик небольшой! Теперь запретим мультики.

What a Dumbo move! Disney+ goes full-woke by stopping kids watch classics including Dumbo, Peter Pan and Aristocrats because of ‘racist stereotypes’ such as minstrel crows led by Jim Crow in Dumbo Disney+ has quietly pulled Dumbo, Peter Pan, Swiss Family Robinson and The Aristocrats off children’s profile  The four films still remain on adult […]

Quand Sa Majesté cachait sa grossesse

DANS LES ARCHIVES DE MATCH Paris Match  Clément Mathieu En 1959, la reine Elizabeth II est en pleine visite officielle au Canada quand surviennent les premiers maux accompagnant le début d’une grossesse… Avec Rétro Match, suivez l’actualité à travers la légende de Paris Match.

Chicago in the 1970s:

Street artists, Italian bakers and Greek musicians are captured in images showing the city’s vibrant communities 45 years ago The incredible series of images were collected during the Chicago Ethnic Arts Project survey in 1977 One picture shows Mary Higeko Hamano teaching the art of Japanese flower arranging to a keen student  Other insightful images […]