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Мой родной город прославился! Никогда такого не было.

В небольшом карельском городе Сортавала случился свой Хабаровск: после того как власти региона лишили полномочий выбранного ими мэра Сергея Крупина, местные жители решили выйти на митинг в его поддержку. Корреспонденты сайта Север.Реалии выяснили, как Крупин нашел денег для города и … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton stayed on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘orgy island’ with the billionaire, Ghislaine Maxwell and ‘two young girls’ – and the pedophile said the ex-president ‘owes me favors’ unsealed documents claim

Bill Clinton stayed in Jeffrey Epstein‘s villa on the billionaire pedophile’s private Caribbean island because he owed him ‘a favor’, Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts told investigators in newly unsealed documents.  In nine-year-old testimony that was only made public for the … Continue reading

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How Putin became president for life: Former Kremlin insider reveals the back-stabbing and political maneuvering used by Vladimir and his cronies to keep him in power

When Russian President Vladimir Putin was preparing for last month’s nationwide vote on potentially extending his rule until 2036, he let the veil slip on part of the calculation behind the constitutional change.  ‘If this doesn’t happen, then in about … Continue reading

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Russian Trace in Ghislaine Maxwell’s case

A Russian-born massage therapist who is accused of helping depraved financier Jeffrey Epstein find new young wpmen to sexually abuse is attempting to move on from her role as an alleged sex trafficking recruiter. Since her time allegedly working for … Continue reading

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Ghislaine took pics of nude girls as hobby and kept collection of sex toys

Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly took snaps of topless young girls as a ‘hobby’ and kept them in a photo album at pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida mansion, shocking unearthed court documents reveal A witness also claimed Maxwell kept a collection of sex … Continue reading

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‘Dragon Girl’ who spent $120k on extreme body modifications reveals her latest earlobe-stretching addition – despite vowing to stop after getting her eyeballs tattooed and going BLIND

A body modification enthusiast known as ‘Dragon Girl’ has unveiled the latest radical addition to her look. NSW Central Coast woman Amber Luke has spent $120,000 on nearly 600 tattoos and extreme body modifications including a tongue split, breast augmentation, cheek … Continue reading

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Хелен Миррен – 75 лет!

Мои поздравления. Одна из двух моих любимых на все времена актрис. Вторая – Кристин Скотт Томас, во многом за её двуязычность. В своё время я сканировал книгу Хелен “В рамке. Моя жизнь в словах и картинках”. Дедушка Лены. Одно из … Continue reading

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Russian hacker holds Garmin to ransom

Tens of millions of people around the world have found their Garmin devices, including those used by runners, cyclists and pilots, down for a fifth day after being hacked by Russian group Evil Corps which is demanding a $10m ransom … Continue reading

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Olivia de Havilland dies at 104

Olivia de Havilland, a star of Hollywood’s fabled golden age and a two-time Academy Award winning actress, has died aged 104. The British-American Dame, best-known for her role as Melanie Hamilton in Gone with the Wind (1939), passed away peacefully … Continue reading

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Беларусь – коалиция трёх женщин против ” последнего диктатора Европы”

Светлана Тихановская, Вероника Цекало и Мария Колесникова прошли путь от простых женщин до кандидаток в президенты Беларуси. Они вполне могут положить конец 26 годам авторитарного правления Александра Лукашенко, прозванного “последним диктатором Европы”.

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Revealed: Naked man seen strutting along busy Oxford Street wearing nothing but a face mask G-string is Ninja Warrior and vegan YouTube star who eats meat

A man who strutted along Oxford Street in nothing but a face mask G-string today was a finalist on ITV’s Ninja Warrior UK, MailOnline can reveal.  Tim Shieff, 32, is a world champion freerunner and vegan YouTube sensation who tripped … Continue reading

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Ce Québécois a roulé 1 million de km avec une Hyundai Elantra 2008

PAR GUILLAUME RIVARD 23 JUILLET 2020 Qui a dit que les véhicules de Hyundai n’étaient pas fiables? Nous vous avons déjà parlé d’une Accent de 500 000 kilomètres. Eh bien, voici l’histoire invraisemblable d’une Elantra 2008 qui a parcouru environ le double de cette distance… encore une … Continue reading

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